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Feb 10 2011

College for all?

In my perusing of education news this weekend, I came across an article (of course now I can’t remember where!) about a new study by Harvard that questions whether we should be preparing all students for college.  Teach for America, of course, trains its corps members to invest their students in college from elementary school…

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Oct 04 2010

On going home.

On Friday night of this past week, while most of my colleagues headed to what turned out to be our varsity football team’s first big win in the district, I boarded a plane to Baltimore and headed home for the first time since June.  The occasion was Homecoming at my college and a chance to…

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Sep 20 2010

There’s no training for this.

Well, we had our first student death of the year today. Teachers were alerted during 6th block this morning via an announcement by the principal asking all faculty to check their email immediately.  The email simply said that the student was found dead yesterday, that there were no other details at this time, that we…

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Sep 12 2010

Wait, I’m a teacher now?

It’s hard to fathom that I’ve been a teacher now for three weeks.  Going into Labor Day weekend, I felt good.  I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, but I had made it through two weeks without any major incidents and I felt good about what I was doing and the relationships I was building with…

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Aug 30 2010

How time flies…

Well, here we are, almost into September.  It feels like Institute ended an entire lifetime ago, and here I am suddenly in Jacksonville with 150 students of my own.  I have been a teacher for a week.  I have risen each day while the world is still dark and watched the sunrise from my classroom…

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